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De-Icing Accessories

Ice Shield™ offers a line of de-icing accessories to ensure you get the best performance out of your Ice Shield de-icing products. You will have the best airplane de-icing accessories you need to keep your plane safe during inclement weather.

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Ice Shield’s Anti-Ice Accessories

Ice Shield’s line of airplane accessories includes:

How would a de-ice repair kit help?

Simply put, de-ice repair kits help fix your plane’s de-icing systems, so they can effectively shed ice off critical areas of your aircraft again. Repair kits include neoprene patches, a medium grit cloth, and ½ pint of primer adhesive. These are designed to patch holes in the pneumatic wing boots to restore system function.

How do edge sealers work?

Edge sealers for de-icing systems on a plane are made from conductive cement and can be made using various materials. At Ice Shield, our conductive edge sealer is manufactured using neoprene and designed to form a feathered edge between the edge of the boot and wing.

Do I need to use the conductive cement on the perimeter of the de-icer?

Yes. Edge-sealing the de-icer protects the edge of the de-icer from substances that could degrade the adhesive bond. It also provides an electrical path from the conductive surface of the de-icer to the aircraft surface. Finally, the edge sealer makes a neat, straight edge on the de-icer installation for a professional, finished look.

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