Ice Shield now offers STC Timer Kits for Piper Aircraft!




SMR8400-03 (ELIGIBILITY - Piper PA-31 S/N 31-5 thru 31-7512009)

SMR8400-06 (ELIGIBILITY - Piper PA23-25 28V- 27-2506 to 27-3836 inclusive 37-3838 to 37-3943 inclusive 37-3837, 27-3944 to 27-7554168 inclusive, 27-4510 to 27-7304963 inclusive 27-7304965 to 27-7304993 inclusive)

SMR8400-17 (ELIGIBILITY - Piper PA-31P 31P-3 to 31P-7530001 inclusive, 31P-7530003 to 31P7530008 inclusive, 31P-7530010, 31P-7530011, 31P-7530013 and 31P-7530016)

Replace your old de-ice timer with Ice Shield’s new upgrade timer kit. The Ice Shield kit upgrades your Piper aircraft and adds value by offering continuous cycle times and failure annunciation. The current timer on your Piper requires the pilot to activate the de-icing system every time ice shedding is necessary. With Ice Shield’s new timer kit, the pilot simply turns on the de-icing system and system will cycle every 60 seconds !

The timer is an STC upgrade and includes all necessary items: de-ice timer, wire harness, cockpit activation switch, switch mounting plate, pressures switches, STC paperwork, installation manual and all items necessary for installation of product.

Like all Ice Shield products, our timers kits are backed with our No-Hassle warranty guarantee.